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In yesterday’s blog about cancer survivor, Kristian Anderson’s ah-mazing birthday video, I promised you three kick ass tools for making the changes you know you need to make to be your authentic self and live the life you deserve…no matter how significant the challenges are that you are facing.  Here they are:

1.  Hire a coach ~ I know I am one and it make sense to tell you this but the reality is without my own coach I would not be doing what I love and making the kind of difference in my client’s lives that they will attest to as being significant.  Professional atheletes, CEOs, world leaders and many successful people use coaching to achieve their highest potential.

Great editors are really coaching their writers.  Top Sales Managers are coaching their company reps.  Outstanding teachers don’t just teach a subject, they coach their students to become more than they thought they could be.  Coaching is all around us.  Yes, there is an investment to make in it but if a three month package can move you from long term unemployment to employed or if a five year wandering through a business can now be turned into a dream job or you can take back your life after cancer has hijacked it, isn’t that worth your time and money?

2.  The Power Of Many ~ if you can’t afford one on one coaching, then put together a group and find a coach you can hire to work with you.  Here at cbt, if you put together a group of eight, for just $30/week each you can be coached together on a call.   And I will train you so when your series of group sessions are over you have the tools to continue as your own mastermind group, supporting each other.  So get a group of like minded friends together, cut out your Starbucks for a month and get moving toward your goals.

3.  Coach Yourself ~ email me to purchase an eight week coaching workbook that will walk you through a self-coaching program.  It will help you gain clarity, identify your core values and create an action plan you then integrate into your daily life.  For less than $20.00, you can put aside even the financial excuses to generate more awareness and conscious choice.

So whether you hire me to kick your ass or want a way to give it to yourself, you now have three ways to stop making excuses and get into action.

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