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When I was a young girl, my grandmother used to make me soft boiled eggs.  To get them just right, she would hand me an egg timer filled with blue sand.  It was my job to turn it upside down and call out when the last grain passed through.  As she cut my toast into triangles, I would turn the timer upside down and start the grains on their way through again.

Over and over, I could turn that timer around and generate a new flow.  It was virtually never ending.  But in life, the sand passes through one time and one time only.  As each grain makes its journey from what is to come to what has passed, it has its moment in the now and then moves on to make room to allow the next grain to come into the present.

How might your approach to life and living if you acted as if each moment is a grain of sand flowing through an hourglass that cannot be upended and started over again?  What would you walk away from that no longer serves you? What would you choose that is more in alignment with your core values and gifts?

Is there something holding you back from taking a chance on you?  Act as if each grain is a moment you can never recapture.  Pull together the strength, courage and support you need to break through fears, concerns and worries so when the last blue grain rests at the bottom of the hourglass the sum total of the journey has been filled with love and extraordinary moments.

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