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Like wiper blades pushing back and forth across a car’s windshield, my relationship with social media has ping ponged from “like” to “dislike” many times since I launched my coaching business.

I dislike the days I get lured off my normally focused path into the online hole of reading, posting, commenting, tweeting and re-tweeting.

What I like about social media is how I get to meet incredible people, learn tons of new skills and uncover inspirational stories I otherwise would have never known.  Today is one of the “like” days for me.  A Twitter post that rolled by this morning caught my eye as it referenced “bucket list”, a topic I’ve been discussing this week.

Alice Pyne is 15 years old and has terminal cancer.   She’s chosen to make the most of whatever time she has left by putting together a bucket list…and without intending to, she has touched the lives of people all over the world who picked up a Twitter thread and made this a news story worth watching.

The simplicity of Alice’s list showed me there is something we can do each day that builds the legacy of a life well-lived. The noting of wishes that cannot come true now due to her illness reminded me that today is the day, not tomorrow. But most of all, Alice’s desire to be of service to others by encouraging as many people as possible to register as a bone marrow donor and the selfless act of putting this at the top of her list touched my heart.

You can help make Alice’s greatest wish come true by registering today to become a Bone Marrow Donor at

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