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From a young age, I always had a strong sense of my strengths and, conversely, things that just didn’t come as easily for me.

Coaching is one of my strengths.  So is writing.  I’m learning my way through the social media frontier, however I am clearly not an expert in this area.

My process is to start with making my best attempt.  If I don’t get the results I need, then I have learned to turn to the experts and to ask for help.  So…911…I need some help.  If cancer has touched your life, then this call is VERY much for you!!

I started out ahead in the game with “likes” on my video I’ve entered in Grassroots Guerillas’ contest to win $10K for your favorite charity.  I created my video about Relay for Life.  I’ve tweeted, Facebooked, blogged and done everything I know to do to increase traffic to my YouTube Channel…but it’s not enough.

I’m at least 100 likes behind one of the leading videos.  So I need help.  I have three days (until midnight Sunday, July 24th) to overtake the other videos and win $10K for Relay for Life to help in the fight against cancer.  I will welcome every tweet, post, etc. to get my numbers up high enough to win.

If your life has been touched by cancer, this is a great way to step up and make a difference in less than 60 seconds at no cost to you.  Go to:

Go to  left of video~click “LIKE” near thumbs up. If you don’t click like, your view doesn’t count.  Please PASS IT ON!

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