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Bruce Schneider, the founder of iPEC, defines the slingshot effect as “a unique phenomenon that occurs when a significant amount of pressure builds up within and around us. Simply learn how to release this pressure and you can be at the cause of your life and create a ripple effect of extraordinary results.”

Taking on this last production job, one that went from a six day shoot to an eight day shoot with very little prep time and a lot of interesting challenges, while continuing to coach has definitely built up some pressure and given me yet another source of fuel for my grand vision of this next year of my life.

Last Saturday, I stepped out of the hotel to take my first walk to Starbucks since arriving, I had to ask directions.  I had been in Chicago six days and had no idea that you could see it from the hotel lobby. When we’re working at the hotel, I manage ten minutes of real air in days lasting up to seventeen hours.  Finally, I had time to walk down the block to retrieve my own coffee.

I stood on the corner for a few minutes, frappacino in hand, and observed what I call real life.  Joggers getting in their morning run, a father pushing a stroller, people with a destination other than work.  In these few moments of radio silence with no emails, phone calls or texts coming in, it hit me how much I love coaching by tambre.

For a moment I was sad.  Sad that the long hours had interrupted my daily practice of blogging.  Sad that for the next few weeks I have less time to develop the content of my upcoming seminars and teleclasses or get more chapters of my memoir written.  When I am coaching or working on other aspects of coaching by tambre, I am energized and inspired.

I love the life I have created working with people all across the country.  Witnessing their breakthrough moments as they, too, pursue their dreams and turn them into reality like never before.  This feeling of sadness made me realize how much I love what I do as a coach.  It became very, very clear that coaching is what I am meant to do.  It is me and it is the life I now choose.

Instead of allowing the challenges of this job and the very, very long hours to drain me or bring me down, I am channeling it all as inspiration to develop an incredibly high level of success with my coaching business.  Everything I am experiencing on this last production job, I am using to build the tension and create a massive slingshot effect that will catapult me into the future I see for myself…a future that is weeks around the corner, not years.

If you are tired of your current situation in any area of your life, know that it doesn’t have to be this way.  Imagine if you could create the tension it takes to catapult into a future you’ve dreamed of and desired how fast your life could change.  One choice, one commitment, one step into inspired action can mean the difference between a life that feels like suffering or getting by into a life you are living on purpose and with passion.

Rock at the bottom of a quarry or flying with incredible velocity from where you are to where you wish to be…you choose…as always…you choose.

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