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In yesterday’s blog, When Caregiving Becomes Too Much, I highlighted five key signs that it is time to bring in the professionals.

Today, I’ve invited Susan Dost (CEO) and Jeromy Meyer (Director of Community Outreach and Client Services) from Sheridan Care to share with us a list of questions they recommend you research when it comes time to choose a professional in home caregiver.

  • How long has this provider been serving the community?
  • How does the provider select and train its employees? Does it protect its workers with written personnel policies, benefits and general and professional liability insurance?
  • Does a company representative visit the home to provide an assessment?
  • Did the company listen to my needs and allow me to meet a care provider prior to starting?
  • Is the company CAHSAH certified? This is the state agency that regulates the industry and requires it’s members to renew annually and have all necessary insurance for it’s employees and client protection.
  • What procedures does this provider have in place to handle emergencies? Are its caregivers available 24 hours per day any day of the week?
  • If I am not 100% satisfied with my care provider how do they facilitate a switch?
  • How often do they follow up with me once I am on service with this company?
  • May I call some of their current clients to evaluate their level of satisfaction?

In Part 3 of When Caregiving Becomes Too Much, we look  at Professional Caregiving ~ Get the Scoop…evaluating the unique needs of you and your loved one.

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