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There is much I do not know about this thing called life. But, the one true constant for me has always been that bold steps lead to living a rich life and being my absolute best. And so, as the world swirls around filled with spirals of anger and pain and judgment and sorrow the brave are called upon to think boldly, act boldly, and seek bold solutions.

Fair warning, dear readers. It is time to press the edges of the box outward. We can shrink away from life when it feels less hopeful or we can lean in. Every time I lean in, even though there may be some bumps and bruises, it ultimately elevates me and my life.

My big, bold move of 2017 was designing a new solution to a very old problem…compliance. Every year, millions of patients struggle to stay true to their medication plans…and millions fail through no fault of their own. For too long, healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies have relied on patient education as the primary means of creating compliant patients.

Years ago, I would not have believed that every twist and turn, every choice, and every circumstance would prepare me to transform the paradigm of how patients can be supported to improve their adherence, their quality of life, and their outcomes.

The skills I teach to healthcare professionals in my training program open up a new way of connecting and supporting patients. It allows healthcare providers to integrate the compassion, heart, and desire to make a difference that is typically part of their inherent nature with their medical knowledge and expertise.

Expect the unexpected going forward. Practical knowledge, skills, and tips intertwined with out of the box thinking, bold living. Why shouldn’t your time be spent exploring outside the boundaries of common approaches to longstanding challenges in compliance and in heatlhcare? Innovation, disruptive thinking, and a willingness to explore and experiment beyond the the limitations of what we already know is where, I believe, where the new paradigms are born and where we can offer more effective solutions.

It is time to leap…if not now…when? Come along with me and lead the change…in yourself, in your patients and co-workers, and in healthcare as a whole.

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