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I dance a lot for someone who is not a professional.  It is one of the ways I keep the thriving energy around in my life.  So when I kneeled down a few days ago and felt a twinge in my knee, I listened to it.

Normally, I don’t notice my knees.  But now I was feeling a tiny area of pain along with a sensation of swelling.  Not enough to head off to a doctor.  Enough to give it some attention before it became a serious issue.

In thinking about it, I realized that like so many things in life, there is a parallel between how I was approaching my knee issue and how I know approach life issues.

In the past, I tended to ignore things.  Pretending something isn’t happening or denying that which we would prefer not to face is a common survival tool.  Sometimes it works to our benefit, but most often there comes a point where it sneaks up behind us and bites us in the ass.

These days, I take a much more proactive approach thanks to the coaching paradigm I use to live my life by.  Here is a side by side comparison of facing the knee issue:

In The Past                                                                    Now

1.  Ignore it.  It will go away.                                  1.  Listen to my body

2.  Power through it no matter what                    2.  Apply tools – in this case rest & ice

3.  Business as usual no matter what                   3.  Cut back on my dancing

4.  Adopt a tough you can take it attitude           4.  Eliminate action triggering the strain

5.  Apply a short term fix                                        5.  Allow the tender area to heal fully

Check back in this Friday, July 8th to find out what sore knees have to do with coaching.  It’s a tip you won’t want to miss.

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