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I am home orangeFinally. I am there. After years…years of grief, years of feeling lost, years of not knowing who I wanted to be when I was no longer a wife, partner, and friend to the most amazing man. A life of wandering aimlessly without the future I’d imagined with my late husband. Finally. I. Am. Home.

It did not come easily. Honestly, there are still days that it doesn’t come easily. My life is not picture perfect. Like most people, I have challenges that come up – some of them are pretty significant. But they no longer have the power to bring me to my knees like they used to. Going through loss as I have teaches you how strongly you can rise up.

I am confident now. No matter what comes my way I will figure it out. I have my tribe of people who I know would rally at a second’s notice – and have over the course of my recovery from grief. I am living my dream of helping as many people as possible also find their path to living their extraordinary life. And you can have that, too.

When I can stop for a moment and stand back to observe what has happened…what IS happening…when I can look at the unfolding of my perfect imperfect life, the darkest days and the miraculous moments, I get to witness not just my survival – the best I had hoped for – but the who I always knew I could be. She has finally arrived and I can celebrate her.

This has not happened in isolation. Though I may have felt alone at times on this path, this was a mirage. I have always been surrounded by love…the love of my sister, my niece, my nephews, my friends who are my family. Look around. Count your blessings, no matter how deep the hurts or how big the problems may seem right now. Start with your blessings. Believe in miracles and be willing to do what it takes to find your way home.

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