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When life as you know it comes crashing down, and the way out requires completely recreating yourself, you learn critical life lessons. We evolve, adapt, and transform to be able to survive and go on, facing the unexpected, unanticipated, and sometimes undesired changes that come our way.

Here are four principles I discovered that helped me navigate from the wreckage of my life, tap my background as a former professional athlete, and create a life I care about living:

  1. Nothing is truly lost. When change happens, it can feel like something’s been lost. A part of our lives that was familiar is over. I used to call these endings. Now I see them as beginnings. Our memories and experiences are not lost. They remain a part of us. I also learned that the new skills, relationships, and insights I’ve gained along the way often somehow align with what’s next.
  2. Re-energizing is vital. Most people I know these days invest a lot of time and energy in dealing with challenges and trying to lead their best life. We must, at times, embrace our humanness and rest. We must go within to burst forward later with renewed energy, passion, and enthusiasm.
  3. Opportunities are everywhere. Trusting that there are endless possibilities to fill whatever perceived void we may feel during times of change is an empowering perspective. When something leaves our life, be it a job, a relationship, or another aspect of our wellbeing we are invited to be, do, and have something different. Be open to new opportunities. Explore possibilities. Be curious about what might be available to you now.
  4. Step back then step up. Take time to assess what matters most. Revisit your values. Redefine your passion…and then kick it into high gear and take action.
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