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What’s YOUR Next Move?

Been holding back in life?  Falling short of the level of success you know you’re capable of?  Not quite ready to make your next move?  Watch this video and then ask yourself again,     What’s YOUR next move?

Steadfast in Stilettos

She stood out like a yellow rose against the beige backdrop of the waiting room.  Dressed more for the derby than an oncology appointment, the woman, whose name I would never know, looked out with large, dark doe eyes from under the wide brim of her floppy sunshine...

Bridging the Gap: The Journey Begins

  When an oncology nurse got trained in coaching skills, how she approached her role changed. What are two ways you feel you will now approach your role differently with what you’ve learned in just this first weekend? I no longer presume I have the answer to what...

The Dance of Life

Last fall, when I ended up stranded far from home without power due to Hurricane Sandy my team was there for me.  Ahead of the storm when we realized on the Sunday before it hit that I wasn’t getting out, they helped me create an exit strategy and an interim place to...
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