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A single letter stands between living the life you desire and deserve and living a lie.  You know you are living a lie if:

  • You are unclear about your gift or gifts
  • You are playing small in a world that offers so many large opportunities
  • You regularly lack energy to engage with yourself, others and life
  • You find yourself confused or overwhelmed
  • You battle procrastination
  • The inner critic in your head speaks louder than your authentic voice
  • You settle for the life you have instead of an extraordinary one

When you are living your life instead of a lie, you experience:

  • Forward motion
  • Faith
  • Freedom

When I work with my clients, some of the key steps to put the “f” back into their life include:

  • Identify your core values.
  • Identify your mission statement
  • Create a plan in alignment with your vision and values.
  • Set up accountability
  • Work through whatever gets in the way.
  • Tap into the faith, courage and energy to see it through.

You live a lie when you settle for less than you know you deserve.  You live a lie when you withhold your brilliance and your gifts.  If you’re tired of living an uninspired life and being less than, the time to step it up is now.

Losing my late husband to cancer was just one of several tragic lessons in my life that taught me now is the moment we know we have for certain…and that we have a responsibility to make the most of it for ourselves, those we love and all those whose lives we can positively impact with our gifts when we find the strength and courage to share them.  If you’re not living now, what are you waiting for?

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