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In my post on September 3, 2011, No Excuses, I  reminded my readers to look for tribal storytellers whose personal journeys inspired them to move beyond the excuses and into living a life of I can and I do.

Cancer survivor, Kristian Anderson, did just that in creating a video love poem to his wife for her birthday which was recently featured on Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure.  Somehow, two years into living with the disease, he found the energy, time and inspiration to give back.  His acknowledgment of the power of their love is a gift in itself but the message, to me, goes deeper.  There simply is no excuse for not taking action today in making the changes you know you need to make to create a life you desire and deserve and living like it matters.

Whether my clients are struggling with the impact of cancer or other chronic illnesses, the challenges of being a caregiver or the fallout of facing a major life transitions, when we work together to create an action plan in alignment with their goals, break it down into manageable steps and add in some accountability, excuses evaporate.

Take less than four minutes to watch this video then tell me you don’t want more out of life…more love, passion, creativity, connection, success, happiness.  No matter what challenge you are facing, there are tools and resources to help you move from excuses for why you’re not living a life that inspires you to being the extraordinary person you know you can be in every moment.

If you want the kind of passionate living people like Kristian are up to get off your ass and go get it!  If you can’t do it for yourself, then contact me for a complimentary coaching session to see if now is the time for coaching to finally create your authentic life.

Check back in tomorrow afternoon (the link won’t work til then!) for three get off your ass tools.  Meanwhile, I’m clicking below to give myself a dose of my own medicine!

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