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A toast to you, my readers, with my deepest thanks for joining me on the first part of my journey as I launched my blog and my full time coaching business.

We have lots of evidence in the news and through personal stories that 2010 held challenges for many…economic challenges, health challenges, life/work balance challenges.  However, I have seen some incredible results including:

  • people generating priorities and cutting out excess
  • communities reaching out to help those in need
  • individuals taking a leap to reinvent themselves
  • friends and family being the safety net for each other
  • an ongoing faith that “this, too, shall pass”

The reality of the human experience is that life will always find a way to toss a challenge or two…or ten, our way.  We can take these moments and create opportunity.  When difficult times hit, we have a chance to:

  • reach out to those who love and care for us and ask for help
  • connect with our communities and the wide range of services that are available
  • find ways to support others as they face their own difficult moments
  • walk with grace and act with courage

To all those who chose to take a risk this year and signed up for coaching, attended a teleclass, followed my blog and my newsletter or invested time in a complimentary session to explore the what’s possible, thank you!  One changed thought, one conscious choice, one new awareness = one important step on the path to reaching toward living the life you desire and deserve.

I could not have taken the leaps of 2010 I did without some incredible support from a large group of caring people.  From my online community of fellow bloggers, twitter posters and link sharers to my friends and family including everyone in the iPEC family.

It is impossible for me to separate the lessons and growth that happen on the dance floor and in my life so a special note of gratitude to my incredible iPEC coach, Luke Iorio and my ah-mazing dance instructor, Raul Santiago.

I would have run as fast as possible several times this year from the challenge of launching my business.  Luke supported me in facing my fears and keep moving no matter what…my kind of coach!

Dancing is my respite and my de-stressor…and one of my great passions.  Through patience, persistence and insistence, Raul helped me take my technique to a whole new level, then take a risk and leave it behind so I could finally just dance the dance.

So many people have played an integral role in my journey to recreate my life after I was widowed.  I am thankful and grateful…and it is SO  worth everything it took to get here.  Wishing you peace, joy, passion, health, happiness, love and everything else you desire in 2011!

Happy New Year!

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