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What is it you want your September to be about?  When we were in school, Labor Day marked the beginning of a new year, a new teacher and a clean slate.  The last week of August in my home was always marked by a trip to the office supply store to stock up on fresh pens, binders and thick stacks of lined paper.  I carefully labeled the dividers in my binders to ready them for notes, calculations and reminders of upcoming tests or assignments.

When I was very young, the family ritual included my younger sister and I standing in matching dresses in front of our home for a photo that landed annually in our photo album.  Though I was always sad to leave the summer and our cottage behind, the anticipation of starting in on a whole new cycle of learning was, for the most part, appealing to me.

Now, as an adult, especially living in California where the seasons blend one into another, August seems to slide seamlessly into the fall and I often overlook the opportunity to clean the slate, anticipate the new and stock up on more fresh, lined paper.  This year, I am choosing to take the Labor Day weekend to complete the fragments of August…and decide my priorities and focus for September.

What do you want to create in the next 30 days?  How do you want to move forward in areas of health, career, relationships, communication?  Maybe you decide to choose one area per month between now and December and make it the focus of the month.  See how many changes you can generate when you prioritize that area for 30 days.  Then apply whatever lessons you have learned or skills and tools you’ve acquired to the next area.  However you decide to proceed, do so with intent.

One final tip…it can be easy to get caught up in a to do list – ticking things off one by one.  But priorities shift so it is important to go back and revisit what your day and your week is about on a regular basis.  Make sure individual tasks aren’t overtaking items you need to complete that are part of your action plan and your bigger picture…and remember to include some fun, too!

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