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The fridge is stacked with leftovers and the dishes are done.  With that behind us, a long weekend is a great opportunity to get refreshed and rejuvenated.  Here are three quick tips…quick because I’m going to follow my own advice and take time this weekend to recharge so I’m ready for an amazing week next week.

  1. Get out and move!  Walk, hike, jog, ride a bike.  You will sleep better and feel better after getting fresh air pumping through your lungs.  If you’re in inclement weather, simply dress appropriately…just do what you have to do to get off the couch and away from the computer.
  2. Go offline.  Take a half day (or whole day if you can) and walk away from the phone/email/texting respond on demand lifestyle.  Instead, round up a friend for a cup of tea and a heart to heart face to face.  Technology is great during our busy lives to stay in touch but to be in touch with a hug and your undivided attention adds another dimension to your relationship with others.
  3. Complete one thing you have had on your list to do for yourself.  Sit down and read that book you’ve been trying to get to…or whatever it is that would give you a feeling that you’ve taken time for yourself…write in your journal, go out and shoot some pictures, listen to music, take a class, try a new recipe.  Reward yourself with the gift of time to do something that lifts your spirits and is NOT work related.

Now…go enjoy your weekend!

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