Daylight savings in the spring. The weekend of one less hour of sleep that comes once a year. As I moved the hands of my kitchen clock ahead one hour and considered the “lost” hour, it struck. Every day is like Daylight Savings Time in the spring. Every minute and every hour, the clock keeps moving ahead, and we have less time ahead of us.

There is freedom in acknowledging that every day we have one less day left in our lives. It frees us to prioritize and say no to things that don’t align with our values. It frees us to live an inspired life filled with conscious choices. It frees us to make the most of every moment.

We can quickly be caught up in the stress and demands of daily life. Sometimes, we need a shoulder shake to wake up to the reality that we don’t have forever to accomplish our goals or do the things on our bucket list. It requires discipline, focus, clarity, and actions that move us toward our goals and dreams. By changing behaviors, we can do better with deciding how we use our precious minutes here on this planet.

I write a lot these days about adherence. It is a significant challenge we are facing in healthcare. Adherence is really about a behavior change. To improve the quality of our life, we typically need to improve or change one or more things. To make these changes, we must first reduce stress. When we mindfully choose how we want to invest our time, we are aligned with our values. Doing so reduces stress as we know we are living more on purpose and more intentionally.

What’s one action you can take to manage your precious time better that would reduce your stress? Now, make the most of your weekend of one less hour. You can always make more of less!

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