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The Old Model of Patient Education Isn’t Working.

Globally, the costs of non-adherence tops $600 billion annually.
How much is 600 Billion dollars?

  • With $600 billion, we could cover the annual cost of care* for every person covered by Medicare. *Data from Peter G Peterson Foundation.
  • What is non-adherence costing your healthcare professionals
  • What is non-adherence costing your organization? and, most importantly…
  • What is non-adherence costing your patients?

Up to 10% of all hospital readmissions are related to non-adherence

20-30% of prescriptions are never filled

Up to 50% of medications not being taken as prescribed

Up to 125,000 deaths annually

It’s Time to Integrate a Coaching-Based Approach Into Patient Care.

When something isn’t working, you must change what you’re doing to create better outcomes.

According to a report by the Iowa Chronic Care Consortium…

of professionals trained in health coaching reported an increased ability to engage patients as a result of the training

of respondents agree or strongly agree that their own job satisfaction and effectiveness have increased following training

of respondents agree or strongly agree communication improved within the clinic care team

of respondents agree or strongly agree that patients are better able to manage their overall health

Survey: Health Coach Training May Improve Patient Engagement, Sabrina Rodak, Becker Hospital Review, June 10, 2013

Nurses, specialty pharmacies, nurse call centers, and other healthcare professionals taking our Patient Adherence Training Program learn to:

  • Use coaching-based communication skills to improve adherence, patient engagement, and build trust and rapport
  • Build awareness of often unconsidered factors that contribute to reducing the likelihood of adherence
  • Help patients generate their own strategies and solutions to break through obstacles to adherence

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss customized patient education and patient support programs to fit the needs of your specialty pharmacy, nurse call center, pharmaceutical organization, or healthcare teams and improve patient care.

Non-Adherence is a Complex and Multidimensional Problem Requiring a Comprehensive, Innovative Solution.

We offer two types of interventions to improve adherence.

Organizational Training & Resources

Within your organization, we train your healthcare experts to:

  • Engage patients using a coaching-based approach to communications and care
  • Proactively manage side effects
  • Understand barriers to adherence
  • Learn a structured, repeatable approach to supporting sustainable behavior change
  • Evaluate patient stress and provide solutions to reduce it to improve adherence
  • Available in English and Spanish

Patient Support Resources

We provide patient-facing solutions you can deliver directly to patients to:

  • Proactively manage side effects
  • Stay adherent
  • Make prescribed lifestyle behavior changes
  • Improve overall wellbeing and quality of life


  • Patient Support Programs
  • Disease Self-Management Programs
  • Behavioral Change Content
  • Available in English and Spanish

We don’t change ‘what’ you do with patients, we change ‘how’ your team engages and communicates with patients.
Doing so creates more effective outcomes and improves the overall patient experience.

Learn more about our adherence solutions.
Download your free program guide:
Creating Patient Engagement Through Coaching to Improve Adherence and Outcomes

How Does a Coaching Based Approach Change the Experience for Patients and the Teams We Train?

We offer two types of interventions to improve adherence.

When Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Organizations Integrate Coaching Based Solutions, What We Hear Is…

  • Understanding the struggles patients are up against and using coaching skills to help them create strategies to reduce stress and manage side effects makes me feel so much more effective in my role.
  • This is what I’ve been waiting for… the skills and the opportunity to truly engage with patients and make a difference.
  • Using open-ended questions saves me so much time by finding out what the patient already knows or has already tried. When I am educating about dosage or side effects, I can use clarifying questions to understand how well the patient understood the information, then fill in any gaps.
  • My patients are much more interested in staying on the calls with me now that I’m able to make it more of a conversation instead of just making it all about following instructions for how to take their medication.
  • I love giving these tools to patients…and I’m using the coaching skills and ways to reduce stress on myself and my family.

When Patients Are Coached, What We Hear Is…

  • Having accountability and learning new tools including reframing and how to set goals regularly and meet them made a big difference in me being able to follow through with treatment.
  • After just one coaching call, I had far less anxious and frustrated. I was able to use the coaching feedback I received to finally get through a day at work without tears.
  • Taking part in the group coaching calls helped me feel less alone. I don’t know a lot of women who are having to deal with cancer along with the rest of life’s challenges. This group gets me, is really supportive, and we worked together to find ways to cope with all we’re going through.
  • The practical side of coaching is so helpful. The time management tools and ideas on how to stop spending time and energy on things that are exhausting helped me feel less stressed. I’m a better mom when I feel more rested and have more energy–and that’s the most important thing to me.
  • I’ve had a lot of scares after my first diagnosis and the fear of recurrence was really keeping me from being able to enjoy life. Working on my mindset and focusing on things I can affect instead of worrying about what I can’t made a huge difference for me.
  • I’m far more able to stand up for myself and ask for what I need. For the first time since my diagnosis, my doctor is listening to me. I learned not to wait and hope for the best. Now, I’m able to get a handle on side effects much faster and feel I can manage much better.

Schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation to discuss customized patient education and patient support programs to fit the needs of your specialty pharmacy, nurse call center, pharmaceutical organization, or healthcare teams and improve patient care.

The Story

Losing my husband to cancer ended life for me as I knew it. Coaching is the thing that saved me. It taught me to reconnect with my values, to take active steps to recreate my life, and to find purpose in my loss.

The clients and the organizations I work with seek innovative, proactive solutions for behavior change strategies to improve adherence, stress, and quality of life.

The Vision

I want to live in a world where healthcare professionals learn core coaching skills and behavior change strategies become a part of the curriculum for nursing and medical schools. I believe that if every healthcare professional learned and practiced 3 critical skills, the patient experience and outcomes would be forever changed.

The Founder

Tambre Leighn, a former professional athlete, is a certified professional coach and behavior change expert who has spent the past decade bringing coaching skills into healthcare.

She is the founder of Well Beyond Ordinary, Inc. and the creator of the Patient Adherence Training Program. In 2018, the program was a finalist in the Astellas C3 Competition for Innovative Patient Solutions.

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