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Choosing Life

Do I dare, as I tiptoe down the hallway of today, open the door on the right or the door on the left? Wishing for that last conversation that never came, to hear voices I can no longer recall. Why is it the memory of the voice disappears so much sooner than all the rest…at […]

My Perfect Imperfect Life

Finally. I am there. After years…years of grief, years of feeling lost, years of not knowing who I wanted to be when I was no longer a wife, partner, and friend to the most amazing man. A life of wandering aimlessly without the future I’d imagined with my late husband. Finally. I. Am. Home. It […]

Grief’s Message – Oh, the Irony

“If you don’t play, you will not win,” Gary Grief, Executive Director of the Texas Powerball Lottery, advised in a recent interview. Grief (yes, that is really his last name) was, of course, referring to the still growing Jackpot. Like anything in life, when done in a balanced way, no harm, no foul. Drop the […]

Leave Room for the Magic

Over the course of my years with iPEC, first as a coach in training and, now as Managing Director of iPEC’s COR.E Wellbeing division, I’ve heard many life changing and profound perspectives and insights from our founder, Bruce D Schneider. But there is one that stands out as December comes to a close and so […]

Thriving After Loss – 3 Key Ingredients

When people see me now and know what I’ve been through, they are curious about the path I took to transform my loss into so much light, love, and possibility. I love questions like this as it gives me a reason to pause and reflect on what has contributed to me being able to recreate […]

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