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Thriving After Loss – 3 Key Ingredients

When people see me now and know what I’ve been through, they are curious about the path I took to transform my loss into so much light, love, and possibility. I love questions like this as it gives me a reason to pause and reflect on what has contributed to me being able to recreate […]

The Invisibles

I had the amazing honor of being a guest on the #BCSM tweet chat a few days ago. Next week, this community celebrates four years of serving breast cancer survivors, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Our main topic was caregiving…something close to my heart. While there are more than 65 million[1] caregivers providing support to […]

Life Happens…3 Tips to Get Back on Track

Ohhh….I’ve missed you all! I promise that I’ve been using my time wisely and making amazing headway on some very important projects. It’s wonderful, but my personal blogging has suffered. In fact, over the past five months I have let the following slide: my Well Beyond Ordinary blog regular workouts a better integration of work […]

We Are All Losers

Like the disease, the language of cancer is complex and unique. It’s filled with potential land mines and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. I get it. As a coach, I believe strongly in the power of language, the words we choose, and the energy they generate for us. Normally, in […]

Physician, do no harm ~ even in retirement

More than five years after entrusting my breast physician with my health, he retired leaving all of his patients behind. Normally, one’s retirement should be worth celebrating. But at his order when he left, there was no advance notification, no informative letter ensuring a continuity of care…just a vague message on the voicemail that the office was […]

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