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Same Circumstance, Different POV

What if? What if you didn’t want to change your job, find a new relationship, move to a new city? What if you simply chose to love what you have? How would the life you are currently living look different, even if the facts of it remain the same? One of the most inspiring and […]

Confessions of a Recovered Perfectionist

How has perfectionism been a great tool in your life? Where has it gotten in the way? I admit that I am a recovered perfectionist. It was a pattern I used for a long time to make my way in the world and it has served me well…for the most part. Then there are the […]

It’s Not All About You!

Who are YOU there for? Stop. Right now. And consider that as you lead your life, pursue your goals and design your dreams it is not all about you. More than what you do or who you are, it is how you relate to others that really matters. I choose to believe we are all […]

Coaching – GPS System For Your Life

What is keeping you on track to achieving your goals? Are you on a clear path or have you wandered into unknown territory without a map? I love my GPS system. It saves me time, money and loads of frustration. There are very few destinations I head to anymore without first entering the address and […]

Fairytale Moments – Living a Mythic Life

Our lives can be mythic if we choose them to be. Or they can be ordinary. Every day invitations to experience or live out a fairytale moment come our way if we look. It is not about complex, grandiose Hollywood dreams coming true necessarily. Several years ago, I found some of these golden moments in […]

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