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My Perfect Imperfect Life

Finally. I am there. After years…years of grief, years of feeling lost, years of not knowing who I wanted to be when I was no longer a wife, partner, and friend to the most amazing man. A life of wandering aimlessly without the future I’d imagined with my late husband. Finally. I. Am. Home. It […]

Grief’s Message – Oh, the Irony

“If you don’t play, you will not win,” Gary Grief, Executive Director of the Texas Powerball Lottery, advised in a recent interview. Grief (yes, that is really his last name) was, of course, referring to the still growing Jackpot. Like anything in life, when done in a balanced way, no harm, no foul. Drop the […]

Leave Room for the Magic

Over the course of my years with iPEC, first as a coach in training and, now as Managing Director of iPEC’s COR.E Wellbeing division, I’ve heard many life changing and profound perspectives and insights from our founder, Bruce D Schneider. But there is one that stands out as December comes to a close and so […]

Thriving After Loss – 3 Key Ingredients

When people see me now and know what I’ve been through, they are curious about the path I took to transform my loss into so much light, love, and possibility. I love questions like this as it gives me a reason to pause and reflect on what has contributed to me being able to recreate […]

The Invisibles

I had the amazing honor of being a guest on the #BCSM tweet chat a few days ago. Next week, this community celebrates four years of serving breast cancer survivors, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Our main topic was caregiving…something close to my heart. While there are more than 65 million[1] caregivers providing support to […]

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