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Setting the Levels: Tips for Creating a More Balanced Approach in Life

As I leaned into my fridge this morning for a handful of luscious California strawberries, I noticed some printing on the crisper drawers. “Humidity Settings” read the white type. Though I’ve been in my new place since June, this was the first time I noticed I could actually control the humidity levels in my fridge. […]

Transforming ‘Why Me’ Into ‘What’s Next’

It’s not uncommon to ask the question, ‘why me?’ when things we deem to be challenges or losses occur in our lives. On the other hand, it isn’t often you hear a lottery winner, someone who has just received a job promotion or a clean bill of health ask ‘why me?’ When “good” things happen […]

The Power of Movement, Music, and Mastery

I love featuring stories of people who find their passion and live it.  About two years ago, at Oxygen Tango practicas in Culver City, I noticed Derek Tang meticulously practicing everything from basic walking to intricate footwork…for hours.  Soon he started to show up as the DJ, demonstrating a real love and understanding of Tango […]

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