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We Are All Losers

Like the disease, the language of cancer is complex and unique. It’s filled with potential land mines and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. I get it. As a coach, I believe strongly in the power of language, the words we choose, and the energy they generate for us. Normally, in […]

A Holiday Wish for My Readers

Some of you may be newer to my blog and others have been with me since my journey into blogging and coaching began more than five years ago. Whether you’re just beginning to tap this resource or you’ve logged many words and miles with me, thank you. Yes, thank you for reading my posts. It […]

Physician, do no harm ~ even in retirement

More than five years after entrusting my breast physician with my health, he retired leaving all of his patients behind. Normally, one’s retirement should be worth celebrating. But at his order when he left, there was no advance notification, no informative letter ensuring a continuity of care…just a vague message on the voicemail that the office was […]

Celebrating in Silence

Do you give yourself the gift of silence at some point in your day? Or is every moment filled with external “noise” ~ words, email notifications, television, music? If “…music occurs in the silence between the notes,” how can you create pauses so your life may unfold in between the busy moments of your days?

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