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What Keeps You Up At Night

Did you know there was a time when I struggled to raise my hand to ask a question in class? Most people who know me can’t quite picture this. While I loved to compete and perform in sports and dance, the idea of speaking in public was a nightmare for me. “As long as I […]

Telling the Truth About the Life Balance Lie

Stop driving yourself crazy trying to attain the illusive notion of life balance. Like perfection, it simply doesn’t exist. Can you be at peace at certain moments and for periods of time in your life? Certainly. But, be honest, in each day, how often are you feeling like you have it all in balance – […]

Knowing When To…

Caregiving can sometimes feel like you’re walking on a tight rope…with your loved one, the medical team, family members or friends. When Gary first started on chemotherapy, we identified several concerns ahead of time. We wanted to be sure he maintained his weight. We also felt having as healthy a diet as possible would support […]

Redefine ‘Impossible’

We’re unlikely friends for many reasons. You won’t catch me trying to climb snow covered mountains or dragging truck tires around my neighborhood as a training exercise. But when Sean Swarner and I met, first on social media and later, in person, it was like meeting a hero for me. Most people have not escaped […]

For Better or For Worse

When we enter into an agreement to love another, whether it is in choosing to parent a child or two people deciding to be together, there is a sometimes spoken and always unspoken commitment to care for each other. Though it is probably for the best, for most of us, our early days living inside […]

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