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The Pain of Change

This week, Phil wrote in, “I know that getting a divorce was the best choice for my ex-wife and I but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around what is next for me in my life. Any suggestions?”

The Transformation of Trying

In  The Language of Cancer I explored the impact of words.   Words are powerful and while there may be standard definitions in the dictionary, it is our perspectives, experiences and more that contribute to what we make them mean.  I believe in the power of words – to motivate, to inspire, to create.  They can also […]

Trying is a Non-Action Verb

Trying is a non-action verb. There is no doing in trying. I cannot be present to the task if I am trying because trying happens in my head. Trying is also somehow connected with a need to please others when really what is most important is how I feel about whatever task it is I am undertaking. A personal look at shifting consciousness from trying to doing/being.

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