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Losing Faith and Finding Ground

Life…some days…just, wow. It can seem like an avalanche of challenges, a tsunami of debilitating thoughts…coming all at once. It is hard not to lose faith when social media is filled with such division, anger, and outright hate. It’s hard not to lose faith when so many people are feeling defeated. I get it. There […]

Finding Home

No one would willingly choose loss as a pathway to finding their way home again – to their true self. There are more graceful ways to grow. Grief cleaves us apart. Tearing through muscle, tissue, bones, and hearts. It can be so emotionally devastating that we feel physical pain when experiencing the trauma of loss; […]

Celebrating in Silence

Do you give yourself the gift of silence at some point in your day? Or is every moment filled with external “noise” ~ words, email notifications, television, music? If “…music occurs in the silence between the notes,” how can you create pauses so your life may unfold in between the busy moments of your days?

Choosing Grace

The holiday season is upon us. This time of year can unleash a wide range of feelings, memories, and experiences. It can be a time of love and connection. It can also be a catalyst for amplifying feelings of loss and grief. It is a good time to stop and check in to see how […]

Chaos to Calm

3 Tips for Finding Peace of Mind in Tumultuous Times As a trained, experienced coach who helps clients navigate some of life’s greatest challenges with more peace and ease, it makes sense that I’d be getting inquiries about how to stay present in times of turmoil. We may not be able to control the chaos […]

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