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Give & Take

Scrolling through my newsfeed a few nights ago, I came upon two posts, one on top of the other that captured a thing I know to be true about cancer…it gives and it takes.  Hope Schaberg – I’ve never met her in person…but we became friends on July 17, 2012 after a short phone chat […]

Oncology Nurse Delivers Humor & Hope

As my regular readers know, I love featuring stories of people whose lives have been touched by cancer and, as a result, they found their own unique way to make a difference for survivors and caregivers. Lexi Timmons is an amazing young woman I first met while at a dance event a number of years […]

What do YOU believe?

Prior to my coach training at iPEC (The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), had I used the list of the ten beliefs highlighted in Amandah Blackwell’s Huffington Post article, “Warning: These 10 Beliefs Keep You Stuck in Life,” I would have seen that more than 50% of thoughts I held to be true were […]

The Cs + Ds of Branson’s Success Formula

I’ve been following Richard Branson’s blog for awhile now.  I love the simplicity of his insights and how he easily translates his business brilliance to concepts applicable to a cart vendor in a developing country.  In his latest installment, Not Going It Alone, Branson offers up one of his success formulas.  Instead of the A, […]

MLK on Interrelatedness

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.” MLK reminds us we are all connected.

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