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Choosing Grace

The holiday season is upon us. This time of year can unleash a wide range of feelings, memories, and experiences. It can be a time of love and connection. It can also be a catalyst for amplifying feelings of loss and grief. It is a good time to stop and check in to see how […]

Chaos to Calm

3 Tips for Finding Peace of Mind in Tumultuous Times As a trained, experienced coach who helps clients navigate some of life’s greatest challenges with more peace and ease, it makes sense that I’d be getting inquiries about how to stay present in times of turmoil. We may not be able to control the chaos […]

Bridging the Gap – From Grief to Growth

Terrible things happen. Great things happen. Life happens. Change occurs. That is simply the nature of the experience we are having. Sometimes, by the very nature of events we label as ‘good’, going through the experience can seem easier. Any change leads to a shedding of the old and step into something new. Mostly, this […]

Autumn Leaves, Life Lessons

While there are still some beautifully warm autumn days to come, we are definitely moving past summer. Trees are beginning to gently shed their leaves. I’m not certain why that generates a feeling of nostalgia for me but as the red, yellow, and orange colors creep into the once fully green foliage of the summer, […]

I Will Be More

When the world lets me down Because of so much violence and hate When people live in fear, not love I will be more When people suffer because they are This, that, or the other A different gender, age, ethnicity, sexual preference Or whatever difference it is that threatens some I will be more When […]

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