I returned to the ocean today to see what lessons she might be ready to impart. She is more calm today and so am I. So I ask myself, is the disappearance of her more turbulent motion that angrily threw tangled tentacles of seaweed on the shore a shift in the external world or my inner one?

I know the lenses through which we view life color the experiences we have. And that our environment also impacts our experience. But I wonder which comes first? As I walked onto the beach today, did I see calm because I am calm? Or did my inner calm somehow contribute to returning the ocean to her more tranquil blue of days past like some sort of butterfly effect?

Perhaps it is both. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. Perhaps the state without is simply something to reflect on and wonder about my state within.

Whether the ocean is roaring in my ears or whispering to me gently, she reminds me to slow down, reflect, and explore. What I find these days is an ever growing sense of resilience and inner confidence that I can navigate what life brings…the calm days and the stormy ones.

I can stop and breathe and pivot when I need to or when I choose to. I am moving closer to the center of the wheel where less of what goes on without spins me…and if it does it doesn’t take me long to remember how to get back to myself.

I am practicing the art of letting go.

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