I made a commitment when I started writing this blog to post regularly.  It’s almost midnight and this is the first time I’ve nearly missed achieving that goal.  But I refuse to let the events of today, get in the way of my goal.  So this will be short and to the point, but what matters is the point is an important one ~ as keeping my word to myself.

Today really drove home the message that you truly do need to be very careful where you put your attention and your focus.  In the early days of beginning to consciously design our present and future, it is sometimes easier, and certainly more natural to define it in terms of what we don’t want.  Tomorrow I get on a plane for Canada to launch my coaching workshops for fall 2010.  What I did not want was to end up doing my last day of production the day before I flew out.

You can guess what happened.  What I also didn’t want was to work up to the last minute on the last day.  So neither of us should be surprised that rubber did not hit the road until 8pm.  The day was long and intense and the more I focused on wanting to be done by 6pm the more the work seemed to expand with regard to what had to be completed, just like pouring water on a sponge.  This experience is a microcosmic slice of the larger metaphysical lesson of where you put your energy and attention is typically what you attract.

Moving forward from here, my plan is to be more conscious about focusing on what I DO want instead of what I don’t want.  Understanding what we don’t want initially does help us to set boundaries but as we expand our awareness there needs, it seems, to be a shift in focus onto attracting in the experiences we desire instead of attempting to push away the ones we do not.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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