I created this ebook based on my experience as a caregiver for my late husband with the inspiration of providing others with insights and easy-to-use tips I wish I had access to during our journey.

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I’ve designed these books uniquely to both share some of the stories of my experience caregiving for Gary who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma when he was only 34 years old as well as some of the powerful strategies, tools and approaches I learned as a certified professional coach.

My readers benefit from this hybrid experience of the storyteller and the coach sitting down and getting personal and practical. And if you only take one thing away after reading this Ebook, I hope you see you are not alone.

Just Diagnosed is written for those who have received a cancer diagnosis and their caregivers. Although only one person receives the diagnosis and goes through treatment, the impact on our partners, families, friends, co-workers and communities is significant. Even those not living with cancer may be dealing with cancer in some way.

Just Diagnosed arms you with essential tools such as:

  • making sure you have support when receiving test results
  • ideas on where to turn for help and information
  • giving yourself permission to ask for help without feeling like a burden
  • identifying resources and people of influence when you need answers fast
  • how to organize important information
  • speaking up for yourself and/or your loved when needs are not being met without alienating others

And because I want you to have a low cost resource you can use now, it’s yours for just $4.99!


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