falling-leavesWhile there are still some beautifully warm autumn days to come, we are definitely moving past summer. Trees are beginning to gently shed their leaves. I’m not certain why that generates a feeling of nostalgia for me but as the red, yellow, and orange colors creep into the once fully green foliage of the summer, I am reminded of the changing of seasons and that, to bloom again in the spring, there must be loss.

Branches become barren, the blanket of lost leaves turn from a tapestry of color to the crisp, dry brown debris. Eventually, skies become gray, the heat recedes, and the sun appears less frequently for shorter periods of time.

The seasons are often used as an analogy for loss. It’s an obvious one. I now find that, in these later years of my grief recovery, it has become a more peaceful and accepting one. This is the cycle of life. It doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t favor one over another. There is death and there is rebirth. It is ours, as humans to translate this into experiencing feelings of sadness over loss and joy over new beginnings. We honor our losses through tears and rememberings. Later, we celebrate when the buds of spring poke from their hiding place and bring new color back into the world.

As the leaves begin their soft descent, I am grateful that my grief has softened – after many years of conscious work – and I look forward to more new beginnings over the coming months. My journey continues, as will that of anyone who has loved deeply and lost. Grief recovery is not about learning to get over our losses but is, rather, learning to live with and through the loss so we can take the time and energy we have been granted and make the most of it.

If you’re struggling with your grief or you’re ready to move forward creating an extraordinary life that honors you and your loss, fall is a great time to turn inward and do some personal work. And, if you’re ready to do some self-exploration, check out my 8 week online course, Grief as a Pathway to Transformation. Do it at your own pace.

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