My paternal grandfather served in two World Wars.  He didn’t speak of it often, though from time to time he would let me take his medals out of a wooden box where he kept them safe.  Grandpa was a gentle man and I had hard time ever imagining him at war…until years after his death when I came up on letters he wrote to my grandmother.

At one point, he found himself deep in Siberia in the middle of winter.  The conditions he described where unfathomable to me, who has always lived a safe life far away from any war.  Now I began to imagine the bone chilling cold, the hunger and other physical and emotional challenges he faced, along with thousands of others, so that those they loved could be safe.

There are families in the past and families today who have sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and spouses who survived even greater challenges than my grandfather or who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.  As a member of USAA, a great organization that serves the military, I personally remember every time I sign in that men and woman are making significant sacrifices all over the globe each day on our behalf.  I am grateful for how they serve others and our country.

Today is an opportunity to take my normally quiet expression of gratitude out into a public platform.  Today I am sending out prayers and thank yous to all those who serve and protect us and to their families.  May you all feel the support and gratitude you deserve for who you are and what you do.

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