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How well are you thriving through your experience with cancer?

What if you had a cancer survivorship plan and key strategies in place to help you navigate the unknowns of cancer survivorship and build that life where you feel you’re not just surviving your cancer but you are truly thriving?

Experts in cancer survivorship say that every survivor should be provided with a care plan when treatment ends, yet most survivors don’t have a care plan.

According to the NCI, a 2005 Institute of Medicine report, Lost From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost In Translation, states that “all patients completing treatment should receive a survivorship care plan (SCP), a blueprint to help survivors navigate the ebbs and flows of post-treatment life.”

I’m done hearing about survivors like you struggling through cancer survivorship without the support and resources you deserve so I have put together this video as a first step to help you learn about the power of a care plan.

A holistic care plan is all about helping you create choice in your life. You get to take the wheel and choose how you will move forward from this point to create your best life possible.

Please watch my short video and then fill out your name and email address to receive my free cancer survivorship care planning kit “A Blueprint for Thriving.” It includes some incredible resources I have collected to help you…

  • get educated about the power of care plans
  • understand the limitations of a care plan focused solely on the medical side of cancer
  • learn what constitutes a “holistic” care plan that gives you the tools and resources to address the challenges you face in other parts of your life impacted by cancer
  • start to advocate for what you need with your oncology treatment center

…all so you can thrive after cancer.

photo-tambre-smTake the next step to take charge of your life!   …And stay tuned ~ more to come on Survivorship Care Plans this year!
I wish you a life that is Well Beyond Ordinary
Tambre Leighn, MA, CPC, ELI-MP
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Like many of you, my life has been a blend of challenges, successes, growth and learning. I believe the intensity of those challenges has given me the empathy and breadth of experience necessary to be of service to others. It was in some of darkest corners of my life where I found the greatest gifts and opportunities for personal transformation. Learn more about my story on this page.

CS Care Plan graphic smallYour “Blueprint for Thriving” care planning kit includes essential resources for building your very own survivorship care plan including:

  • My “Blueprint for Thriving” interview as featured on the “Go Forth and Thrive Telesummit”
    • A 45 minute audio interview where I outline the key components of a care plan, what’s missing from existing medical care plans, and strategies on how to enroll your oncology team in helping you create your plan for survivorship
  • My own “Survivorship Care Plans ~ Empowerment Through Awareness” Article
    • Which includes 5 important steps for developing your very own cancer survivorship care plan
  • Access to numerous articles and books on cancer survivorship care planning including:
    • “Patient-Centered Cancer Treatment Planning”: A workshop summary from the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and Institute of Medicine
    • “From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition” a report from the Institute of Medicine
    • “Cancer Survivorship – Today and Tomorrow” an ebook by Patricia A. Ganz
    • “ASCO Treatment Plan Summary” including forms which can provide information about your medical history to any doctors who will care for you during your lifetime.
    • “Lippincott’s Nursing Prescription for Living Plan” form